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Expansion / Contraction’
Evoke / Patrick Thompson 2008-2009
Suburban façade and mixed media
25x16’ plus
(Work in Progress)

Patrick Thompson will be working irregular hours in the gallery completing the second part of his installation from the 9th till the 15th of December as well as January. Please register at for updates on the progress of this art piece.

About the work and process
The focal point of this work is an abstracted explosion -- inspired by an iconic image of the Challenger disaster. This has been painted on the half-constructed, violently removed and then mounted façade of a suburban house. The piece continues with brushwork applied directly onto the surrounding wall. Planned additions to this evolving work include collaboration with the Mammalogy Department at the ROM in January and the artist potentially returning in March to complete further work in the gallery. The work is polyvalent in that it resists a single ‘correct’ meaning and further so in that the raw materials for interpretation will shift over the life of piece. The painted house acts as an exclamation point behind the exhibition title and the explosion fits well within the wider theme -- coherent with the idea of homelessness and lack of housing as a disaster. One created by neglect and of national scope. Meaning will be further expanded as the artist adds to, and takes away from the piece, creating a fluid, transitional or in-between space where one is not sure if the piece is illustrative of nature being reclaimed or displaced. The ‘completed’ piece aims to freeze-frame our current point-in-time and explore the possible futures of city sprawl: a collection call owing to the costs of expansion at the expense of our core.

Now open at the ROM. Please visit: to register for updates.

Photo by Tobin Grimshaw 2008